Kissing Candice gets it's European Premiere at Berlinale 2018


Jon recently completed his debut feature film score for Kissing Candice, a story driven by the vivid, fever dreams of a volatile, teenage girl. Kissing Candice is directed by Aoife McArdle and will premiere at Toronto Film Festival 8th September. Check out the trailer here featuring Aorta from the Original Score produced by SIREN.

Here's an exclusive clip from the film featuring Boys Walk from the original score.

Original Music for Red Cross Hope Campaign, directed by James Rouse at Outsider. Won the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2018 for film craft. Produced by SIREN.

Pink Blue is another collaboration between Jake Dypka and Hollie McNish based around the theme of gender. Commissioned to open the Saatchi's New Diector showcase in Cannes the film uses 3D technology to allow the viewer to switch between two different versions of the film depending which set of glasses they view it through. Jon's work picked up Gold at Kinsale for best sound.

In 2016 Jon's sound design reputation led him to becoming supervising sound designer for BAFTA winning short film Home which follows an English family as they travel into war-torn lands. The film is directed by Daniel Mulloy, featuring Jack O'connell and Holiday Grainger. Jon's work on Home picked up best sound design in a short film at this years Music and Sound Awards.

Original score for Before The Night, a short film about an elderly man's struggles after loosing his wife. Directed by Sam Huntley, based on a short story by Charlotte Regan. The score for Before The Night was recorded at Abbey Road with the London Metropolitan Orchestra and produced by SIREN.

Sound design and music commissioned by Channel 4 for their Random Acts program in collaboration with writer and poet Hollie McNish. Written and performed by Hollie McNish Directed by Jake Dypka

Original Score for At Dawn, a true story of WW2 engineer Michael Nash who fleeing from enemy gunfire falls into a trench to face a lone, armed German Soldier. Directed by Ollie Wolf.